Brazilian Guitar

Mini Courses

for 6 and 7 string guitar


Hello musical friends,

I have been developing a course over the years that I am very happy to be finally sharing with you all.

It is a unique course containing a series of short video lessons from a personal approach with various material shared for now via whatsApp private groups. It is very practical and applicable.

This course will contain many topics and musical situations to be explored such as:

- Some basics of the musical language of Brazilian guitar
- Some archives, mp3's, pdf's and resources
- Songs by various composers (with arrangements)
- My original compositions
- Independence of the right and left hand 
- Exercises with metronome
- Right hand
- Ligados
- Exercises for velocity
- Phrasing and chord formation
- Brazilian Rhythms
- Odd meters
- Improvisation ideas
- Use and importance of open strings
- Harmonies and voicing
- Forming chords and inversions
- Four note chords and dissonances
- Scales and arpeggios
- Active vs passive practice  

I am currently offering 3 Courses:

Basic Brazilian Guitar

Basic 7 string guitar

Intermediate/Advanced Brazilian Guitar

All of this material is very personal which I have collected and developed over my career and will be sharing naturally in the way I see and think about music and the guitar.
I highly encourage any player to assimilate any study material, absorb and apply freely to what is useful for you.


Each course is shared via WhatsApp. 120 for a month (4 lessons) with many short videos you get to keep forever and study anywhere anytime.

Payment can be made via Paypal to

For more details on registration and payment please contact Fabiano.