Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1983, Fabiano do Nascimento studied classical piano and music theory as a young boy. From the time he played his first notes on the guitar at age ten, he devoted himself to that instrument. Fabiano was born into a musical family, a lineage that goes back to his great-grand-father “Ladario Teixeira”. Who was a Blind virtuoso saxophone player, who contributed to the creation of the instrument itself, re-inventing the saxophone, adding more keys to the older “Aldolph Sax” version of the saxophone. More about Ladario Teixeira can be found in the encyclopedia BARSA. 

In his early teenage years, Fabiano Studied with Dalmo Motta at the Conservatorio de Musica Brasileira in Rio de Janeiro, and with his Uncle, the Late Lucio Nascimento who was a great mentor and influence.

Always fascinated by traditional Brazilian music and American jazz. Self-taught, through intense research and practice, developed exceptional skill. In 2000, Fabiano left Brazil for California, Los Angeles, where he soon became in demand for his authentic sound. Connected early with the Woodwind player Pablo Calogero, and Percussionist Tiki Passillas, forming “Triorganico”. Brazilian flavored, Latin Jazz trio, recording their first album Triorganico – Convivencia under the Label of “Stonesthrow and Now-Again”. Fabiano has also participated in dozens of albums and worked with many artists including Airto Moreira, Mia Doi Todd, Aloe Blacc, Sam Gendel, Arthur Verocai, Justo Almario, Ronaldo Freitas (Carioca), Pablo Fagundes, and many more…

Fabiano’s latest works is his Album "Tempo dos Mestres", "Dança dos Tempos" and "SUL"  accompanied by his long time musical partners, young brilliant Saxophonist/Composer Sam Gendel, and percussionist Ricardo "Tiki" Pasillas. Also featuring the Legendary Airto Moreira under Now again Records.